Brand Owls

Brand Owls & History of the Startup Business Ideas

Brand Owls Limited is a collaborative project between 2 serial startup entrepreneurs based in both London and Santa Monica, Los Angeles. The business relationship between the 2 startup directors began in late 2013 when they decided to test the feasibility of combining a number startup business ideas. Since then they have been in constant discussion, analyzing different markets and opportunities, the final result of which was the formulation of the concept for Brand Owls Ltd. in February 2014. The final concept for Brand Owls cemented itself an amalgamation of a number of different startup business ideas. Ironically the final concept that manifested was one which assisted other entrepreneurs with their brand name needs and honing and developing the startup business ideas that they had.

Brand Owls set out with the purpose to ease the development times of coded technology projects for startup business ideas such as websites and mobile applications. The Brand Owls directors decided it was necessary to launch a website such as that addressed all entrepreneurs with their startup business ideas. As we have been faced with the mission of attempting to coordinate a wide variety of different business services offered by different providers, all culminating in a unnecessarily complex business management and supply chain system.

The first step with any new business, company, idea after you conceptualise your idea – is to create the brand and the website. Part of this is to choose an effective domain name that is catch, on a .com address and as short and memorable as possible. This will get you off to the right start in the most important area after your business idea. It will also help with your traffic.

Some people struggle to visualise their idea – we go above and beyond and build a $2000 graphic design fee in your purchase fee, paying for the already built, professional and beautiful brand theme and logo.

We offer domain investors and domain buyers the opportunity to list premium brand name domains on our website, as well as incrementally listing some of our own premium brand name portfolio. All submitted domains are vetted and have a branded logo designed and assigned to each individual domain. This allows the prospective entrepreneur or investor to accurately visualize their startup business ideas and what their brand will look like, right from the initiation of the business ideas. There are further options for the seller at this stage but we will talk about that a little later.

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