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Brand of the Month: Charity Fairy!

Brand of the Week: Zevsi This weeks special is! The success of is truly tremendous and has helped to shape and transformis hundreds of thousands of lives. There are dozens of charities out there helping people, they started just like you – trying to find a great, memorable and catch name! Virgin Money […] Read more

Brand of the Month: Media Crowds

Brand of the Week: Media Crowds! This weeks special is! The next consumables phenomenon is waiting for you! Build your new company on solid foundations with short, brandable and ultra-premium digital real estate! Snap it up here. Read more

[SOLD!] Brand of the Month: AIRRE

This weeks special is! Light and airy. This will be a hot brand for whomever chooses it. Give your company the start it needs! Snap it up here. Read more

Brand of the Month: BZUES!

This weeks special is! Short, catchy, an incredible ring, means this will be a sure seller, and give your company the start it needs! Snap it up here. Read more

UK government injects £1.6m to finance HyperCat IoT standard

Tech Radar An extra £1.6m (about $2.7 million, AU$ 3 million) has been awarded by the UK government to the HyperCat consortium to continue work on a standard specification for the internet of things (IoT). The consortium has already received £6.4 million (about $ 11 million, AU$ 12 million) funding from the TSB (Technology Strategy […] Read more

Sandcrawler – New AEDAS building for Lucasfilm

Brand Owls appreciates good architecture, and we believe you will love this building. This is the new Lucasfilm offices based in Singapore, and clearly they have pulled out every Star Wars pun in the book (or plans). Check it out. © Paul Warchol From the architect. Sandcrawler, the new regional headquarters for Lucasfilm Singapore owned […] Read more

Just how small is nanotechnology?

It is absolutely crazy how tiny we can make things today. What we’re seeing here is a standard microchip, older though in principle the same as modern cell phone chip. At the micro level we’re dealing with this comparison: “A micron is 1 millionth of a meter, 10-6 or 10-3 of a millimeter. Very tiny. […] Read more

Brand Names for the Search Bots

Choosing a Brand Name Domain for the Search Bots Things have changed a lot since the emergence of major commerce over 100 years ago. Back then a name such as Coca-Cola would have been sufficient to build a brand upon. The emergence of the internet has changed all that. These days it is important to […] Read more

Amazing Brand Packaging

This post was originally seen on Elite daily but I just loved it so much that I thought it would be important to share it with The Names Co beloved followers! Make sure you get on to us if you need packaging like this designed for your product, we can make some cool things! Read more