Brand Owls

Choosing the Correct Brand Colors

Colouring Your Brand, Be As You Wish Customers to Feel Selecting the right color for your brand domain identity is an integral part of any branding strategy. In essence every color in every logo makes the viewer feel a different way and makes them adversely associate the brand with a different emotion, feeling or notion. […] Read more

Logo Selection and Design: How to chose the right Logo for your Brand

Logos are something that every brand needs to┬ácement their corporate identity. Logos cone in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some logo’s are graphics only, using an image or symbol as their main brand identity. Nike is a great example of a startup company who has developed itself to such a high caliber within […] Read more

Bootstrap, Bootstrap, Bootstrap! How to Finance a Startup

Yes you heard me BOOTSTRAP! This is the one word that every startup up and coming entrepreneur knows and has a complete love hate relationship with. For those of you who don’t understand what startup bootstrapping is let me dive a little deeper into the overall concept and methodology of bootstrapping. Read more

Brand of the week: InPPL!

This brand just oozes potential! Read more

Brand Names Selection

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