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  • Exclusivity

  • Brand Owls will first check your premium domain name to assess the brand name quality. If the brand name itself meets our premium brand name, domain name standards we will be happy to list the brand on our website. The reason we are able to attract reputable clientele is because we consistently ensure our brend name catalogue is to the highest possible standard.

  • Brand Owls does only sells unique brand names with premium brand domain naes attached. We ensure your brand name will be able to sit firmly into our company as a strong, individual brand, which sell itself. We ensure no two brand names are alike, our quality procedures ensure that your brand is in no way similar to any other brand name listed on Brand Owls.

  • Brand Owls will receive a 20% commission of your final brand name sale price, this is a fair and reasonable sum based on our time and input, which involves quality brand name checks, development work, consultation with the most relevant logo designer and execution. The brand name logo designer can receive either 5%, 10% or 20% depending on how much time you want your designer to spend on your logo.

  • Brand Owls are able to retain such an exclusive audience because we offer our customers a brand name which is different to standard market offerings. If you sell with us exclusively you will receive 5% extra of the final sale price at time of sale. This is contingent on you redirecting your brand name and premium domain name directly to your unique brand page on the Brand Owls website.