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Logo Selection and Design: How to chose the right Logo for your Brand

Logos are something that every brand needs to┬ácement their corporate identity. Logos cone in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some logo’s are graphics only, using an image or symbol as their main brand identity.

Nike is a great example of a startup company who has developed itself to such a high caliber within the marketplace that the once small startup now receives instant brand recognition for its simple symbolic logo with no text.

Nike Logo

Nike Logo

No matter how much we all know and love Nike now this marketing method is something that only comes with time. In order to get your brand to these heights it will be necessary to first build from the foundation stage. The text logo you choose at the start will inevitably evolve into a new logo in the future, gradually being updated in parallel with new technologies and graphics, as all logos do. Our job here at Brand Owl’s is to get you past stage one with your brand design and logo design, past the four year improvement most business typically experience after the first few years of success and hardship, allowing you to skip that period of hardship, which was not helped by your low quality name, digital real-estate (which was hard to remember for clients) and bad logo, and propel you straight to the epicentre of success.